Daily Action

Want a quick way to make a difference every day? Check out this list of easy actions you can take. (Hint: You can take action on any issue any day, and feel free to use our toolkits to help you plan. Also… you don’t have to stop doing these when the Week of Action is over!)

We will be fleshing out each of these with details as the week continues, but don’t worry if you end up doing actions on whatever day works– the point is to act, the schedule is just there for inspiration!

Sunday- “Read Up, Speak Up”

 We’ve all seen the heart-wrenching reports of family separations, but the details of what is actually going on and the history of how we got here can be complicated. At the start of the week of action, it may be useful to check out some background info here, and/or do some research of your own.

  • Ready to make your voice heard throughout your community? Try writing a letter to the editor of your local paper. Here is an easy guide on how to do that.
  • Speak up in your life and community. This could mean bringing up the issue and the Mamas Week of Action with your neighbors, co-workers, parents of your kids’ classmates, posting on social media, talking with your religious community, or announcing to your sports league.

Monday- “Make Your Reps Represent You”

The border policies we are seeing now were put in place by the Trump administration and that administration has the power to change them. Many of us have congressional representatives who are enabling and supporting this administration in it’s cruelty to families and children.

Click here to make a call.  Ask them to co-sponsor the Keep Families Together Bill (Feinstein), vote no on Ryan & Cruz bills & pressure Trump, Sessions and DHS Secretary Nielsen. Call and Tweet at Dept of Homeland Security, @SecNielsen 202-282-8495

Tuesday “Follow The Money” 

Did you know that a number of private companies are profiting from the incarceration of children and families? Check this document for contact information of corporations you can write to to express your thoughts on profiting from the incarceration of kids.

Wednesday– “Give What You Can”

Use your Independence Day celebration as a way to collect funds for frontline organizers on the border and in our communities. Click here for a some ideas of places to donate.

Thursday- “Join a Team”  

Use today to connect with others who have been working to protect immigrant kids and families for years, or who have recently been inspired to act. Long standing groups looking for volunteers include National Domestic Workers Association, Immigration Justice Volunteers, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. And don’t forget to connect with other activists taking part in Mamas Week of Action on Facebook


Friday “Storm Social Media”

Today is the day to make amplify our message on social media– share pics from the week and our social media graphics– coming soon!


Saturday “Art and Letters for People in Detention”