As Mamas and allies, we stand in solidarity with the families being brutalized by a cruel and inhumane border policy.

We recognize that the love we feel for our own children is a powerful force in driving us to protect all children and their families.


Our initial week of action is over, but we continue to  invite Mamas nationwide to join us in taking action:


  • Take part in our Daily Actions each day, which you can do from home!

  • Use our interactive map to find and list kid-friendly actions near you!

  • Use the toolkits available on this website to start planning a Mama led action in your own community!


Stay Tuned for More Actions Coming Soon! 

We say:

Reunite and Support all Separated Families

Don’t Criminalize Immigrants

Hold Those Responsible Accountable

#FreeOurFuture        #FamiliesBelongTogether        #MamasWeekOfAction